the most exclusive technology of the market today

Are you looking for a technique for decorated glass that gives an exclusive, artistic expression?

Pictoglas is a handicrafted innovation that can be produced industrially in large quantities. A unique, modern product with a life span of many generations to come.

Pictoglas create images in glass for design and architecture.

Pictoglas makes a lasting impression.

Pictoglas is a unique technique for transforming images into glass, with a beautiful and durable result, just as reistant to the burning sun as it is to the icy rain and snow.

Pictoglas is more than an image printed onto glass.

Pictoglas turnes the glass image into a shimmering object, enhancing and highlighting both architecture and design.

Pictoglas is a technique for public spaces, private interior design, residential buildings and other real estate, hotels, libraries, concert halls, beautiful furniture, tombstones, churches and mosques.

Pictoglas is the most exclusive technology available on the market for images in glass. Pictoglas is produced by GFAB, the world's first Pictoglas factory. Together we now introduce Pictoglas for a broader market.


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